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Make sure you keep all of your limiting points of view.


Dr Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness® has stated on many many millions of occasions…”Your point of view creates your reality.”


All your points of view about your business create your reality with your business.

Furthermore, it’s supported in this reality as all the studies performed confirm it to be true, especially the point of view that small businesses don’t make any money in the first 3 years. So you tell yourself, that must be true. You lock that in as your point of view and then that creates your reality with your business. We are always going to find things, events and people to validate our points of view.

Wouldn’t you want to validate your point of view that you could easily create money in the first month of the business starting?

Look at what the points of view of your business are. Who the hells are they? Who’s business are you mimicking? Who’s business ideas are you mimicking?


For along time I broke even in my business, not at the start though, I was barely doing that! Then as my business increased I was just making enough, and I started looking at that, before I was using the tools of Access Consciousness® (I was using other modalities).

I looked at how my parents did business. My father was a farmer and my mother had her own business.
As I observed what choices my mother made with choosing for her business to not make a profit, or to at least break even as that made more sense from an accounting perspective, what I took from those small observations (I didn’t have the entire picture), was that a woman doesn’t make money.

It wasn’t cognitive. I didn’t sit around thinking about it however when I looked at the energy with my business I realised that I was mimicking how my mum did business. That wasn’t working for my husband and I. We weren’t in a position for me to just ‘break even’ with the business.

It made no sense whatsoever.


Anyone that you are mimicking with business will you destroy and uncreate it all and return to sender with consciousness?

Do you have people in your life projecting their points of view onto you?

Be aware of it, as it’s the unawareness that will ensure you create what they are projecting. If you are willing to have the awareness then you don’t have to be acting that out.
People go into projection as what others create makes them uncomfortable.


If you don’t make those points of view significant and own them as yours, you are not at the effect of them. It’s not up to you to fix it for them. It’s not up to you to act it out for them.
If you are willing to be aware of all of it and be willing to receive it, that will change everything!

When you are projecting onto someone else and what they are choosing to create, it has nothing to do with them. It is all the areas you are not willing to look at your own sh*t and not willing to step up.

That being said…if someone is projecting onto you destroy and uncreate everywhere you are making it significant.

And if you do make it significant; what’s the value in distracting yourself with it?

That’s exactly what you are doing, you are distracting yourself, making yourself less than and playing in the crazy. Instead of asking…”What else is possible?” “How can I out manipulate that crazy right now?” “What can I create right now that would blow them away?”

Play with it! Have fun with it! Exponentialize it!


Are you willing to be aware of everything?

Aware of everything that comes out of your mouth, everything you think…as they are points of view.


A little exercise you can do is write out “I can’t succeed in business because………” and write out 10 different “becauses” and use the tool “Interesting point of view I have this point of view” over and over until all these points of view are cleared.


Starting in May I’m very excited to bring to you The Business Creation Club. It is a once a month Zoom call where we all get together to exponentialize our businesses. Every Tuesday we do a live weekly energy pull, for 6 months. So that’s 27 energy pulls of whatever each week desires it to be. Each week you’ll receive the clearings, there’s a private Facebook group to play in and on each Wednesday we will have a weekly business resource. There will be clearings, videos, How To’s, a mix of everything that’s going to co-create your business forward. Each month there will also be an energetic contribution audio. All six months for only CAD$997, so it’s a steal!



Ensure that you are not the magic that you truly BE!


If you are the magic you truly BE then you will succeed and since this show is about your business never succeeding, do not BE the magic you truly BE!


There are so many magical tools you can use to really exponentialize your magic and the business, the energy pull being one of them but there are so many ways to BE the magic that you BE.

If you are jumping into the crazy of why you shouldn’t choose something or create something you could ask “If I didn’t have a point of view here, what magic could I BE?”

When you ask from the space of wonder and curiosity, it totally changes the energy as it takes the point of view out and you get to be that magic.


Ask… “What else is possible with my business that I’ve never even considered?”


I’m actually doing a free call called 3 Energetic Exercises to Increase Your Business as if by Magic. You can contact me for the details if you haven’t seen the link on Facebook, and you can get the recording as well.


To close out this show lets do an energy pull now. Lets make it a general business energy pull.

If you can right now…

Close your eyes

Become really aware of your body

Expanding energetically out into the room that you are in, out into the country that you’re in, out into the earth and then expanding beyond the universe.

Like way beyond the universe.

Expanding out into all of you as the infinite being you truly BE.

Noticing that everywhere you expand, there you BE.

Now get a sense in front of you of what you would like your business to BE like.

Everything you would like your business to BE.

The ease, the joy, the glory, the wealth, the fun, the exponentialization.

Just get a sense of that!

And intensify it, and intensify it, and intensify it.

Now pull universal energy in, and even if you are not sure how to do that know that the minute I say it you are already BEing it.

Pulling universal energy into that energy, pulling that through into your heart and out through your back and around into that energy through your heart and out through your back, and cycle around again.

Now as you’re pulling energy, pull energy of what you would like your business to BE like, pull it into you so that there’s a oneness between you and it and there’s no separation with what is truly possible with your business and you, and pull universal energy in through you and around a few times and intensify how much energy you are pulling, intensify it even more.

Now this time as it comes into that energy and into you and goes out, allow it to trickle out into billions and billions and god zillions of threads of energy below you, above you and in every direction around you, and as those threads of energy go out they will go through every person, every place, every thing, every event, and everything I haven’t even mentioned that would like to co-create this magic in your business with you.

Pulling it through into you, into the yummy energy, out through you and allowing it to trickle out once again to you, just allowing it to cycle and this time as it’s trickling out, in your mind send the message…”Its time for you to follow the energy to me now. I am ready to co-create this magical business beyond my wildest dreams now!”

Pulling the energy in and through them, into you and into the energy of what your business would like to BE, out through you allowing it once again to trickle around and in and through and out.

I want you to just allow it to continue to flow whilst I run a couple of clearings really quickly.


What energy, space and consciousness can your body and you BE to be the invitation you truly BE?

What energy, space and consciousness can your body and you and the business BE to create beyond your wildest dreams for all eternity?

Anything that doesn’t allow you to receive from every person, every place, every event, every experience and anything I haven’t mentioned that is ready and waiting to co-create magic in this business with you will you destroy and uncreate it all?


Now give that energy pull permission to run on its own so that it’s continuously pulling everything to you to co-create this magical business, and give it permission to let you know when it requires your attention so that you can go back in and pull some more energy whenever it’s required.


Have a wonderful week my friends and I will talk to you next week.

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