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To operate from conclusions, and judgments and decisions and expectations.

How often do we operate our business from the energies of conclusion, judgment, decisions and expectations?

Something you will often hear me say is to be continuously clearing all the decisions, judgments, conclusions, computations, projections, expectations, separations, rejections and refined judgements that you have about the business, about this project, about the class (whatever it is, you fill in the blank) will you destroy and uncreate it all times a godzillion?
These energies are also known as DJCC’s, PESJR’s and RJ’s, for short.


When these aren’t in place or there’s less of them the business can totally out create itself and be exactly what it would like to be.
Truth…business, give me the energy of what you would like to be on the planet!


When you allow the business to BE the energies it requires, the potency it BE without all of the other energies of DJCC’s, PESJR’s and RJ’s stopping it or limiting it, something far greater than we’ve ever considered can show up.

Business please give me the energy of what you would like to create here?
Anywhere you’ve decided business has to be hard, it has to be a struggle and you have to use force, will you destroy and uncreate all that and return to sender with consciousness? And clear these energies from everywhere in your life, not just the business.
They can dictate everything!
The more we destroy and uncreate all of it the more the energies will shift and change.


Let’s look at refined judgements for a minute. When you are solidifying your awarenesses you are perpetrating refined judgments on yourself, on others and on your business. You lock your awareness into place and cut off the universe gifting more to you, as the energies of what the universe is desiring to contribute to you and the business are not a match to the energies of the refined judgments.

We are actually superior bitching ourselves by claiming it’s an awareness when actually, it’s not.

Make sure you do not gift and receive with your business. Make sure you are only giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving and never receiving!

How often do we even consider gifting and receiving with our business?
You will have heard it’s all about give and take.  Which usually looks like working and taking a pay check.

Gifting and receiving is the energy of gratitude for receiving, that then gifts to you. You get lit up when you see the gratitude and that’s a gift to you too. It’s an energy flow that we can BE with the business.  Our businesses are asking that of us.

Most of us struggle to BE that energy with ourselves, with other people, with the planet, with anything. We’ve decided that the only way we can be here is to give and take and give and take and give and take. Often in the give and take exchange, someone ends up really resentful, and usually it’s the giver. You get mad, you get angry, you have to fight with the person and it’s that give and take energy…the energy of reciprocity. The “I’ll get you next time” energy, instead of the gifting and receiving energy.

What have you made so vital, valuable and real about giving and taking that keeps you from gifting and receiving what is truly possible?
What else is truly possible that we’ve never even considered?

Business show me what it would be like to gift and receive with you?
I wonder how much more money you would actually receive if you gifted and received with your business?

So anything stopping you from receiving that much money will you destroy and uncreate it all and return it to sender with consciousness?

Everything that doesn’t allow you to perceive, know, be and receive the energy of gifting and receiving with your business will you destroy and uncreate it all?

Your business is not one big thing. When you talk with your business talk to all parts of it.

Each part has choice too, and each part desires to be a contribution.

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