Is BEing The Boss Of Your Business Working?

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In Order to Ensure that your Business Never Succeeds; continue to refer to it as “your” business or “my” business.


Have you bought the lie that you own your business?

If you are looking after your business, or say your house, or maybe your car, your animals…are they yours? Do you own them or do they own you?  When you claim and own your business and refer to it as “my” business, what you are actually creating is the energy and space of your business being less than you.

To create a business you are creating with it, not creating “it”, it’s a co-creation. Without co-creation, the business will move on to somebody else willing to take action.

Have you bought the lie that your business would be dead without you, without your input?


When you take action and acknowledge and know the business is not your business, and let go of that and are willing to play in that space, it totally changes everything.

If you look at business as it being a part of you and then conclude the business has failed, then you conclude that you have failed and you take it personally and make it significant. You allow those energies to then stop you from creating more, which is actually a lie, as the business was never yours in the first place.

What have you made so vital, valuable and real about making the business yours that keeps you from creating it beyond what you have never imagined possible?


Be a bossy bosserson to your business!!


When you are bossing your business around, you are not asking it questions or allowing it to have a voice. You are not asking…

“Where would you like to be?”

“What would you like to offer?”

“What would you like your products or sessions to be?”


When you are not talking to it, or as I like to refer to it, communing with it…if you are not co-creating with the business it becomes a struggle.

When you’re willing to commune with the business without a point of view, and allow the business to have a voice; it will guide you to knowing what will create greater.  It’s really about following your own awareness of what will create greater when you choose to co-create with the business. It’s about asking the business yes or no questions and being willing to receive the information.

Anywhere that you are not willing to ask the business questions and allow it to guide whatever it would like to be created will you destroy and uncreate it all and return to sender with consciousness?

What if your business is willing to be more aware than you are?
Business doesn’t operate from limitations, judgments our conclusions, it has no point of view.

Any conclusion that you are using to justify a choice you’d like to choose will you destroy and uncreate it all and return to sender with consciousness?


One of the things that pops up and you’ll hear me talking about with Access Consciousness® is superior bitching. This is when you step in and take over for somebody or you don’t give them a choice. It’s actually an unkindness to take over or do something for somebody when they’re not asking for help. It conveys a message to someone that they can’t do it. When you choose to take over the business and be the bossy bosserson, it’s a form of superior bitching.

I wonder what would be created if you asked the business to superior bitch you?

If you are pushing; if you are concluding; if you are trying to make something happen and the business knows there’s something greater possible, and you ask for the business to superior bitch you it can totally create the space for something greater to show up.
Are you willing to ask the business questions and not create from conclusion?


I wonder what your life and living would be like if you acknowledge the business has your back?

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