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A.  Free Webinars & Hangouts with Glenyce Hughes


3 Magic Tricks to Make WAY More Money in 2017

Clearing Loop to Clear Oaths and Vows with Money

3 Access Consciousness® Tools You Can Use to Change ANYTHING

Money Doesn’t Give a F$CK taster

Creating Magic and Money with Energies

3 Easy Steps to Demand of YOU and Receive from the Universe with Alun Jones

Ez Steps to Creating Your Global Business 

How to Raise Your Prices

How to Get Paid to Travel the World Being YOU

3 Steps to Grow Your Business #asifbymagic

Magic Tricks to Financially to Out Create Your Business and Yourself

How to Change Money Problems with Ease with Tanja Barth (English)

How to Change Money Problems with Ease with Tanja Barth (German)

Turn Fear into Fame & Fortune

How to Stop Being Food’s Bitch

Magic with Molecules with Glenyce Hughes and Tanja Barth (English and German)


B.  TV Shows with Glenyce Hughes

Living in the Magic of Possibilities TV Show

Secrets to Living in a Magical Life – Glenyce on Access TV

Energy Transformation Interview with Tara Taglienti

Business with Ease with Glenyce Hughes and Tanja Barth (English and German)

Impossible to POSSIBLE with Glenyce Hughes and Alun Jones

Interview on AskBONBON with BONBON Networks

Glenyce’s Interview on CTV Morning News

3 Magic Tricks to Creating More Money Than You Never Knew Possible on Awaken to Happiness Now

What if Wealth is Just a Choice on Awaken to Happiness Now

Glenyce’s Interview on NewCap TV about Mediumship


C.  Radio Shows

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Glenyce’s Weekly Radio Show

Living in the Magic of Possibilities *Radio Show on Voice America

Living in the Magic of Possibilities *Podcasts on iTunes


Glenyce Being Interviewed on Various Radio Shows

Magically Creating Wealth and Abundance on Imperfect Brilliance

Would Business be Fun for You with Laurie Laursen

Stop Pretending to Be a Muggle, You ARE Magical on Playground of Possibilities Radio Show

How Choice Can Change Your Life on Simply Being Radio Show

From Anxiety to AWEsomeness on Creating Beyond Reality Radio Show

Seeing the Unseen – Capacity or Curse? on Teens Done Different Radio Show

What Kind of Magic will You Have in Your Life on Bringing the Sexy Radio Show

Secrets to Creating a Magical Life BEYOND Your Wildest Dreams on Imperfect Brilliance

Activating Your Magical Capacities Radio Show

Creating with the Universe on Invisible Dimension Radio Show

Using the Tools to Create What You Never Imagined Possible


Other Radio & TV Shows

Access Consciousness with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer *Radio Show on Voice America

Tour of Consciousness with Dr. Dain Heer *on Youtube

Access Consciousness  *on Youtube

Access Consciousness TV  *Livestream and On Demand


D.  Social Media Connections

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Facebook Groups

AWESOME-preneurs – Creating Magic in Your Business Using the Access Tools

Living in the Magic of Possibilities

Glenyce Hughes #asifbymagic

Friend Glenyce On Facebook


Facebook Groups Around the World

Access Consciousness World Wide

Access Consciousness North America

Access Consciousness Europe

Access Consciousness Edmonton Connection Group

Access in Alberta

Access Consciousness Connection Network – The Prairies


E.  Websites Worth Exploring


Glenyce Hughes – THE Business RockSTAR

Living in the Magic of Possibilities

Glenyce’s Access Consciousness® Classes Around the World

Dr. Dain Heer

Access Blog Site

Access Stories of Change

Access Consciousness Classes Around the World

F.  Videos Using the Tools of Access Consciousness


Glenyce’s Video’s

What else is possible?

Interesting Point of View

Barriers Down

The Universe IS Responding

I wonder…

Who does this belong to?

Are You Willing to Fail?

Everything is the Opposite of What it Appears to Be (Crazy Phrase)

What magic could you create?

How does it get any better than this?

How Magical Are You Willing to Be?

What is the Value of Your Crazy?

Choosing without Drama and Trauma

Creating BEYOND this Reality

What’s Right About This I’m Not Getting?

Questions to Ask to Follow Your Awareness

Gary Douglas & Dain Heer’s Video’s

What is Access Consciousness?

Being Consciousness

All of Life Comes to Me With Ease, Joy & Glory

Change & Choice

How Does It Get Any Better That That?

What Else Is Possible?

Invite to Live Class

10% Tithing To You

Return to Sender

Greatness of Embodiment

Non-Contextual Reality

Allowance vs Acceptance

Perceiving, Knowing, Being & Receiving As An Infinite Being

Vibrational Compatibility

What Is Right About This I’m Not Getting

Not Being Vested in the Outcome

Economic Slowdown

Opportunity vs Potential

Foundation & Level 1 Invite

Conscious Parenting

Your Point of View Creates Your Reality

Why Are People Addicted?

What Is Right About About Me I’m Not Getting?

Ignoring Your Body

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