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Are You Willing to Win the Lottery?


Everybody dreams about it – that day when you don’t have to get up to go to work.  That day wherein you roll out of bed a LOTTERY WINNER!!

What is that, what is it, what the what is stopping you from having that?

This tele-call will clear everything that comes up, the judgments, the beliefs, the limiting views and anything else stopping you from having your lottery win!

Live call happens on July 27, 2016 @ 1pm Mountain / 3pm Eastern / 9pm Central European Summer Time

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The Art of Actualizing Anything You Desire

The Art of Actualizing Anything You Desire_FB Event

Are you aware of a different possibility? Imagine if you could live beyond this reality … in a reality where the rules, do not apply. Where your “ask” is what creates the need that tugs a new reality into existence.

Part of receiving, really receiving, what you truly desire is the willingness to ask for what you would like. The Ask, is as important as it is to know what you desire. That same willingness opens the doors for things to start to create, and a whole different Universe becomes available to you, as if by magic!

This 3 part tele-series begins on June 29, 2016.  To register or to find out more visit


Potency & Capacities with Energies

Is the energy world confusing for you?
Do you get bits and pieces of information but have no clue how to utilize it?
Do you sense and perceive different energies without knowing exactly how to interact with them?  Have you always wondered how to play with energy to create magic?

If so, join Glenyce for this phenomenal call series to exponentialize your energetic capacities and abilities to create beyond what you have never imagined possible.

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Creating An Awesome Radio Show

Creating a Radio Show

Have you ever wondered…. could it really be that easy? Could I have my own radio show? Where do you start? Who do you contact? What would you talk about? How do I get listeners and SO much more.

Join this 3 part tele-series with Super Radio Show Host, Glenyce Hughes and get your own radio show up and rocking in no time!
* Manual included

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